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PurixNose Cleaner

PurixNose Cleaner

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Electric Nasal Aspirator

Say goodbye to traditional manual vacuum cleaners. Our electric nasal aspirator cleans nasal congestion quickly and conveniently.

Safe and Non-Irritating

Made with soft silicone material, it is gentle and non-irritating, ensuring your baby's comfort.

Removable and washable

Easy hygienic maintenance with removable and washable nozzles and parts.

Different Suction Levels

Adjust suction levels based on congestion and your baby's comfort.

Rechargeable battery

Equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery (500mAh), it is convenient and environmentally friendly.

Ultra-Quiet Design

Minimum noise to ensure your child's undisturbed rest.

Lightweight and Portable

Small and lightweight for on-the-go convenience, resolving nasal congestion anytime, anywhere.

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PurixNose Cleaner

Introducing PurixNaso Cleaner, an electric vacuum designed to make your baby's life more comfortable and simplify your care.

This innovative product is perfect for babies and children, offering quiet operation and a host of features to keep your little one's nasal passages clear.

  • 6 SPEED

    Maximum intensity adjustment

  • Removal kit

    Washable and easy to clean and disinfect

  • Pieces contained in the box

    All 5 pieces that the product contains