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Spacer AreoSolution

Spacer AreoSolution

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Spacer AreoSolution

The Aerochamber is your ally for effective management of respiratory conditions. Designed to improve medication inhalation, this spacer offers an innovative and comfortable solution for adults and children with asthma or other similar conditions.

Spacer AreoSolution - AreoSolution

Advanced technology

The Aerochamber Plus uses a spacious chamber and one-way valve to maximize the effectiveness of inhaling the medication. Optimizes distribution in the lungs, improving therapeutic results.

Easy to use

Its simplicity of use makes it ideal for all ages. Simply connect your inhaler to the Aerochamber, breathe slowly and deeply to maximize drug absorption.

Compact and Portable

The Aerochamber's lightweight and compact design makes it perfect for everyday use, at home or on the go. Its portability means you can always have the support you need with you.

Why Choose Spacer AreoSolution

Improve Efficiency

Optimizes respiratory drug absorption for more effective management of respiratory conditions.

Suitable for all ages

Simple to use, it is ideal for adults and children, helping to ensure that everyone can benefit from optimal medication administration.

Convenience on the Go

Its portable design allows you to manage respiratory conditions wherever you are, ensuring uninterrupted care.

Minimizes Local Side Effects

Reduce the risk of local side effects in the mouth and throat thanks to the careful design of the Aerochamber Plus.