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Wearable Breast Pump - Portable

Wearable Breast Pump - Portable

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4 Functions

- Massage mode

- Breastfeeding mode

- 2 Drainage Modes

How much capacity does the Silicone Cup have?

The silicone cup can hold up to 180 ml of milk

How do you recharge and how long does the battery last?

The breast pump recharges with the USB type-C system (like a simple smartphone). Battery life may vary based on use, used correctly it guarantees 24 hours.

LED display

Its LED Touch Screen Display allows you to easily choose the program and intensity suitable for you.

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Smart and Portable Breast Pump: Freedom for Traveling Moms

Our Wearable Breast Pump is the perfect companion for moms on the go. With customizable modes and intensity, its touch screen display simplifies use. Fill your day while the breast pump does the work.

Look Mom, without Hands

Discover the Wearable Breast Pump , your ideal breastfeeding companion. Lightweight and practical, it offers the freedom to carry out any activity throughout the day, giving you more time to take care of the little ones. Choose comfort, say goodbye to old tangles of wires.

Comfortable, Lightweight and Invisible

The Wearable Breast Pump offers you unprecedented freedom. Lightweight and compact, it is virtually invisible under your clothing, allowing you to express milk discreetly as you go about your routine. It is quiet and comfortable, allowing you to carry out any task while it silently works for you. Motherhood shouldn't stop you, and with our breast pump, it never will.

The breast pump you will never be able to leave behind

Our Wearable Breast Pump will change your maternity experience. Lightweight, discreet and powerful, it gives you unparalleled freedom. Its silence and comfort make it indispensable. Motherhood will never stop you again. Choose freedom, choose our Wearable Breast Pump.